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*** All our software runs on Win10. Our scanners do, too.***
We hear "the Other Bio" can't say that.


The Bio-1000F fluorescent scanner from Microtek offers Sensitivity and Versatility, is Compact and very Affordable. Combined with our industry proven Intelligent Quantifier® software, you get the best gel imager available for non-toxic DNA stains!

Bio Image Systems Inc

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Bio Image Systems Inc
Each scanner comes with a copy of
Intelligent Quantifier 1-D.
Bio Image Systems Inc Bio Image Systems Inc
Bio-1000 Gel Cutting
Gel Excision
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Sensitivity down to 0.04ng per band!
Its patented optical design and blue LED captures the faintest fluorescent signals.

It doubles as a gel excision station, so there's no need to move your samples from imager to cutting platform.

It has a footprint smaller than a laptop, so is easy to fit into a crowded benchtop.

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Bio 1000
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Bio Image Systems Inc

There’s other instruments out there.

You can get a blue LED transilluminator with an orange filter plate. You can see bands and excise them. But that's all you get.

You can get a gel doc system with image capture and analysis software. But you'll have to move your samples out of the hood to cut bands.

Or you can get it all:

  • Gel Excision
  • Gel Doc
  • Image Analysis
Bio Image Systems Inc
Sensitivity of DNA Stains using the Bio-1000F
Company DNA Stains Sensitivity
Biotium GelGreen 0.04
Themo Fisher Scientific SYBR® Green 0.08
Promega Diamond 0.12
UV Light + EtBr 0.5
Nippon Genetics Midori Green 1~2
NBS Biologicals SafeView >2
You want, easy-to-use, yet powerful, software.
Bio Image Intelligent Quantifier® software is used by thousands of researchers across the world every day to provide accurate quantitation and analysis. The software is intuitive and easy to use, with built-in automation and workflow tools so you can quickly define protocols and run them easily and repetitively.
Bio Image Systems Inc
Bio Image Systems Inc
Bio Image Systems Inc
Bio Image Systems Inc
Bio Image Systems Inc
Bio Image Systems Inc
Leader in Gel Imaging and Analysis Systems

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