Non-UV Illumination Products

 From harmful UV to safe, visible LEDs -
Safe for you! Safe for your samples! And greatly improved cloning efficiency!

Non-UV Illumination Products

 Safe for Your Eyes and Skin
Our products use harmless, visible LED light, without harmful UV rays, so are safe for your eyes and skin.

 No damage to Your Samples
This means improved cloning efficiency.

 High Contrast, High Sensitivity
Our epi-illuminators give you high contrast, high sensitivity, and save bench space.

Green? or Blue? Choose the Best for You

Optimal for EtBr, but bright enough for SYBR*, too.

Ultra-bright green LEDs provide greater contrast and sensitivity than standard 8W UV tubes.

Use with your protein gels stained with:

  • DeepPurple
  • Flamingo
  • Krypton
  • LavaPurple
  • Lucy
  • SYPRO Red
  • ProQ Diamond

* SYBR stains are products of Invitrogen

Optimal for SYBR, but bright enough for EtBr, too.

Ultra-bright blue LEDs are comparable to 365nm or weak 312nm UV tubes.

Use with your protein gels stained with:

  • SYPRO Ruby
  • SYPRO Orange
  • Lumitein

Four Models

Epi-Green Pro, Epi-Green Slim, Epi-Blue Slim, and Epi-Blue Quad

Epi-Quad in Dual and Quad Configurations
Epi-Pro and -Slim in Single and Twin Configurations

  • Quad provides super bright, all-around illumination, much brighter than halogen lights.
  • Twin and Dual provide equal-intensity illumination from opposite sides; they are ideal for imaging.
  • Single provides illumination from only one side.

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