CelVivo 3D Cell Structures

CelVivo 3D Cell Structures

Bio Image Systems is proud to be the exclusive North American distributor of CelVivo Stress-Free 3D products.

CelVivo 3D Cell Structures
CelVivo gives you Stress-Free 3D™

 Mimetic Tissue
Spheroids and organoids mimic tissue in vivo

 High Yield
Each mature bioreactor contains more than 300 spheroids, each constructed from 80,000 -100,000 cells

 Stable Cultures
Spheroids can be cultivated for up to 1 year

CelVivo Details
Easy access
Petri dish-like cell chamber can be repeatedly opened and closed
Built-in unique separate reservoir
No net evaporation from culture chamber
Many cell lines take ~18 days to recover from trypsinisation
Spheroids reach a dynamic equilibrium – and then are metabolically stable for up to a year
Spheroids can be 'reused'
Spheroids react to drug treatment and then recover to their equilibrium
Active diffusion allows large spheroid size
Movement of media past spheroids allows them to reach sizes of 1-2 mm (depending on cell type) without developing a necrotic centre. This makes handling easy
Ultra-low shear forces
Shear forces distort gene expression and in vivo functionality

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CelVivo Publications
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Spheroids or organoids have been grown in clinostat bioreactors from >100 cell types.
  • Bone formation
  • Cancer development and treatment
  • Drug development
  • Interactions between different cell types
  • Organogenesis
  • Predicive Toxicology
  • Regenerative medicine
  • Viability, Omics, Pathway mapping, immunofluorescence
  • ... and Your Application!
If you were a spheroid -- or an organoid--, you’d like to live here for a year!
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We are the exclusive North American distributor for CelVivo 3D products.

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