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The Bio-1000F fluorescent scanner from Microtek offers sensitivity and versatility, is compact, and very affordable. Combined with our industry proven Intelligent Quantifier® software, you get the best gel imager available for non-toxic DNA stains!

Best Gel Imager for Non-Toxic DNA Stains

 Sensitivity down to 0.04ng per band!
Its patented optical design and blue LED captures the faintest fluorescent signals.

It doubles as a gel excision station, so there's no need to move your samples from imager to cutting platform.

It has a footprint smaller than a laptop, so is easy to fit into a crowded benchtop.

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Easy-to-use, yet powerful, software.

Bio Image Intelligent Quantifier® software is used by thousands of researchers across the world every day to provide accurate quantitation and analysis. The software is intuitive and easy to use, with built-in automation and workflow tools so you can quickly define protocols and run them easily and repetitively.

There's other instruments out there.

You can get a blue LED transilluminator with an orange filter plate. You can see bands and excise them. But that's all you get.

You can get a gel doc system with image capture and analysis software. But you'll have to move your samples out of the hood to cut bands.

Or you can get it all:

  • Gel Excision
  • Gel Doc
  • Image Analysis
Sensitivity of DNA Stains using the Bio-1000F
Company DNA Stains Sensitivity ng/band
Biotium GelGreen™ 0.04
Themo Fisher Scientific SYBR® Green 0.08
Promega Diamond™ 0.12
UV Light + EtBr 0.5
Nippon Genetics Midori Green 1~2
NBS Biologicals SafeView™ >2

Their calibration strip is affixed to the underside of the platen. At first, this is great - it certainly is protected from wet gels or spills. But NIST states: "The optical densities of these step tablets may change over time." [NIST Report of Calibration 38120C Diffuse Transmittance]. What do you do then?

Bio Image calibration strips are both sealed to keep them free of any contamination, and behind a liquid-tight dam which surrounds the sample. So with our scanners, you simply order a new strip, and start using it.

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Each scanner comes with a copy of Intelligent Quantifier 1-D.

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