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High-Content / Whole Slide Imaging System

Image ExFluorer

The Image Exfluorer is a turnkey solution for all your live cell and whole slide imaging and analysis needs. The platform lets you observe and capture cellular dynamics over time with a customizable fluorescent microscope.

It brings an advanced level of automated microscopy with high-end components to your lab. The options and modules provide flexible scalability to address your research needs, with a wide range of filters and objectives in fluorescence, brightfield, color brightfield, and phase contrast imaging.

In particular, the integrated control and monitoring system allows successful live cell kinetic imaging by mimicking the physiological environment of CO₂, O₂, and humidity. The high-content imaging and analysis tools are very customizable, and are easy to scale up as your research evolves.

  • All-in-one Integration
  • 2D/3D/Real-time Deconvolution
  • Multi-dimensional Imaging
  • High-content Analysis
  • Environmental Control System
  • Phase Contrast Imaging
  • Dark Room Effect
  • Measure Glutathione Levels in Living Cells (optional)

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High Content Imaging System

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