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Chamlide™ Magnetic Imaging Chambers

Chamlide is a combination of “chamber” and "slide", and is LCI's trademarked word for their imaging chambers developed using patented technology.

  • Chamlide chambers are designed to meet a variety of imaging experiments.
  • Permits high resolution imaging from the bottom coverslip of the chamber.
  • Compatible with commercially-available coverslips.
  • Customized designs are available.

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Magnetic Imaging Chambers

Chamlide Categories

Bottom-Glass, Semi-Closed Chambers

When you need to control temperature, CO₂ concentration, and humidity in the chamber

Chamlide CMB


Perfusion type water volume adjustable magnetic chamber

Chamlide CMM


Perfusion type electric stimulation magnetic chamber

Chamlide CMS


Perfusion type closed magnetic chamber, shear stress chamber

Open-and Closed-Perfusion Chambers

The open chambers are ideal when you have small volume or rapid perfusion. The closed chamber can be used with an exterior manipulator or when you need to inject solutions.

Chamlide AC


35mm Dish Type 1-Well Magnetic Chambers for Round Coverslipers

Chamlide EC


35mm Dish Type Multi-Well Magnetic Chambers for Round Coverslip

Chamlide CF


35mm Dish Type Magnetic Chambers for Square Coverslip


Structure Diagram

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